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We begin the TAPEvolution journey as we continue to "stick by you".

The Journey of SB Group & Tapevolution

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SB Group embarked on the green journey back in 1996. In 2021, Tapevolution was created to take this focus to global society.

A never ending process like part of evolution.

Since our formative years, SB Group has always aimed to deliver excellent quality with innovative insights to provide new solutions for the world in meeting new challenges and demands. This is a reflection of the many milestones achieved since our establishment in 1977.

Moving forward, we created Tapevolution to focus on sustainable development objectives for the world as an adhesive and tape manufacturer. We aim to do so by redesigning products to be produced from less materials, more recycled or biodegradable content, sourcing eco-friendly raw materials, maintaining the most energy efficient manufacturing processes, and all the way to most optimized packaging of the finished products.

Emulsion adhesive and adhesive tapes borne out of this ideal will be both eco-friendly and performance-delivering. This will not only be a great boost to our customers’ business, but will also speed up the world’s transition to sustainable manufacturing and packaging.

Join us in making amazing eco-friendly adhesive and tapes the default way forward.

Our Aspirations

Global consumption of sealing tape is estimated at 35.5bil sqm/year. Tapevolution aims to convert 1% of the world demand into bio tape, which is 355mil sqm/year.

SB plays a part as sustainable manufacturer

Safe waste water treatment
Reduce GHG Emissions
Adopt of Renewable Energy

Proper Industrial Solid Waste Collection

Green Product Designs

SB Bio Tape

SB Bio Laminate